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John Chantler / Steve Noble / Seymour Wright — Atlantis (LP/CD/Digi)

Following closely on the heels of his ravishing solo album Tomorrow is Too Late, Stockholm-based synthesist and improviser John Chantler switches gears to unleash the stunning second album by his trio with saxophonist Seymour Wright and drummer Steve Noble, Atlantis.


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The Luminous Ground

The Luminous Ground
Vinyl LP / Download (ROOM40, 2011)

“Hearing this music for the first time has a similar impact to the first exposure to Oval’s Systemisch from 1994, or the early Sähkö recordings like Ø’s Metri, in that it has a beauty partly derived from having travelled beyond the reach of human influence” – Rob Young, The WIRE

“the success in transforming the intractable modular synthesizer into an emotional, protean creature is one of Chantler’s greatest strengths”  Isaac Aronson, Foxy Digitalis