ROOM40 OPENFRAME, STOCKHOLM – 15-16-17 October 2015


Very pleased to announce three days of radical listening at Audiorama and Fylkingen this October for ROOM40’s 15 year anniversary.  Tickets now on sale.

Audiorama 15.10.15 | 19:00
Thembi Soddell
Jim O’Rourke ‘Then Right’ (JP/USA)

NB: Thembi and Jim will not be present in person at this event – their works will be presented on their behalf.

Fylkingen 16.10.15 | 19:30
Lawrence English (AU)
Olivia Block (US)
Andrea Belfi (IT)

Audiorama 17.10.15 | 19:00
Brunhild Ferrari (FR)
Lawrence English presents ‘Viento’

Advance tickets available from including a limited number of ‘earlybird’ festival passes for 210SEK.

Since the turn of the century ROOM40 has operated out of Brisbane, Australia publishing more than 150 editions from artists all over the globe. The label celebrates its 15th anniversary with a series of events worldwide including Openframe Stockholm — three days of radical listening at Fylkingen and Audiorama.

Supported by Kulturrådet and Stockholm Stad. Olivia Block appears in collaboration with Ems Stockholm.