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Wednesday 9 May 2012 @ Cafe OTO

I’ll be playing this Wednesday – 9th May 2012 – at Cafe OTO in London ahead of sets from Petrels and Geoff Mullen who is over from the USA.

Geoff Mullen + Petrels + John Chantler
WED 9 MAY ’12 • 8PM • £7 advance / £8 on the door
Advance tickets/more information

I’ll be playing modular synth and amplified reed organ in a much less subtle revision of my set in Cambridge last weekend.  The recording of that will be available soon.

Photo by Norman Ipsmael

modular synth wishlist

Following joyous jams at Lawrence’s using his Doepfer System100 suitcase, I’ve now dived into the (eurorack) modular wormhole. Rather than start with a complete unit, I’m doing it module at a time, hopefully it’ll lead to a more interesting system… but will probably take ages! Currently rocking one of the analogue systems synthi filters and a simple doepfer adsr – patching them in & out of my moogerfooger pedals…

If any wishes to help me on my way here is my current wishlist of modules. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner!

+ a bunch of other bits i’m sure i’ll work out I want need…


  • Analogue Systems RS95E Voltage Controlled Oscillator (w/ fine-tuning) – i reckon two of these would be the go!!!)
  • Harvestman Tyme Sefari