modular synth wishlist

Following joyous jams at Lawrence’s using his Doepfer System100 suitcase, I’ve now dived into the (eurorack) modular wormhole. Rather than start with a complete unit, I’m doing it module at a time, hopefully it’ll lead to a more interesting system… but will probably take ages! Currently rocking one of the analogue systems synthi filters and a simple doepfer adsr – patching them in & out of my moogerfooger pedals…

If any wishes to help me on my way here is my current wishlist of modules. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner!

+ a bunch of other bits i’m sure i’ll work out I want need…


  • Analogue Systems RS95E Voltage Controlled Oscillator (w/ fine-tuning) – i reckon two of these would be the go!!!)
  • Harvestman Tyme Sefari

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