John Chantler is a musician and organiser living in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2019 he started building a system for performance consisting of multiple battery powered synthesizer/speaker things that can be variably suspended, swung, spun and set in locations without depending on the typical concert/club infrastructure and classical modes of performer/audience interaction.

His solo recording ‘Tomorrow is too late’ (October 2019, ROOM40) was originally commissioned by INA GRM for the 2018 Présences Électronique festival in Paris. His most recent release ‘Hell or High Water’ is a collaboration with Daniel M Karlsson for computer controlled analog synthesis.

Originally from Australia he spent a decade in London before moving to Sweden in 2014 where he has directed a small annual festival for ‘other music’ in Stockholm called Edition and runs Fönstret — releasing music by local artists and surfacing material from the festival’s archives.

email: John [at} edition-festival {dot] com

twitter: @johnchantler

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