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ROOM40 on tour in Europe!

I’m playing a bunch of shows in the next two weeks for the ROOM40 15 Year Anniversary.  Hope to see you there.

22 January 2015 | Spectaculare FestivalPrague (CZ) #
23 January 2015 | Cafe OTOLondon (UK) *
24 January 2015 | NetwerkAalst (BE) *
25 January 2015 | Fluister, Dordrecht MuseumDordrecht (NL) AFTERNOON SHOW *
29 January 2015 | JazzhouseCopenhagen (DK)*
30 January 2015
 | BlåOslo (NO) *
31 January 2015 | HEKBasel (CH) *
1 February 2015 | Cave12Geneva (CH) ~

# with Lawrence English & Heinz Reigler
* with Lawrence English & Rafael Anton Irisarri
~ with Lawrence English


I’ve made up 18 copies of The Luminous Ground with paste-on wrap-around risograph print artwork to sell at these shows… Vinyl is from sleeveless copies of the original print run.

Holy Family – A Rising Tide of Halos (CS, Sanity Muffin)

Got a few copies of this new cassette by myself and Lawrence English as Holy Family.  Fairly punishing synth action recorded mostly when I was down in Australia in 2010/11 after our tour there with Tujiko Noriko. Part of one track also recorded at Noriko’s place in Paris in April 2010.

£5 + postage if you want one.  Also available at upcoming concerts whilst stocks last.

Holy Family - A Rising Tide of Halos (CS)

‘Automatic Music’ LP (SOLD OUT)

This LP collects two different pieces recorded in December 2010 and sometime in 2009 – both offering different fields of surface stasis/hidden activity…

The first, ‘Automatic Music for Erik Griswold’ was recorded in Bundaberg, Australia using a ‘Eurorack’ modular synthesiser plugged into a borrowed guitar amplifier. It was made in preparation for a concert in Osaka in January 2011 organised by Tetsuya Umeda and was an experiment in using the synthesiser without any external controller (I’d just been touring with Tujiko Noriko and Lawrence English and had grown accustomed to playing the synth with a Roland SH101 as keyboard/sequencer). It is named for Erik Griswold, a pianist living in Brisbane, Australia, whose exceptional ‘Wallpaper Music’ recording was part inspiration for this work.

The second side is the older piece. Recorded at home in London, UK using two reed organs (one Hohner, one Busilaccio) and recorded to an Akai GX4000D 1/4? reel-to-reel. This is my homage to the lineage of pieces focussed on frequency beating cycles that most actively crossed my radar with Jim O’Rourke’s ‘Two Organs’. Jokingly a ‘cover’ of said piece, the working title for the recording was ‘Biting The O’Rourke That Feeds’ before I later settled on nicking the title of a rather lovely upbeat Tenniscoats song as a sly nod to the seasonly themed (and vastly superior) records of my good friend and ongoing inspiration Lawrence English who mastered the record and to whom I owe many ongoing thanks…

Pressed in an edition of 110 LPs with a two colour screenprint sleeve made from archival grade photokraft paper using a drawing by Marcus Cope.


Still available:

‘The Luminous Ground’ LP
£11 + pp (UK – £2.50 / EU £3.50 / ROW £7)

‘The Luminous Ground’ LP + For Barry Ray ‘New Days’ LP
£20 + pp (UK – £3.00 / EU £4.00 / ROW £7.50)

Alternatively, any of the above LPs can be collected in person for £10 each (cash) from Cafe OTO, London by prior arrangement.