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Holy Family – A Rising Tide of Halos (CS, Sanity Muffin)

Got a few copies of this new cassette by myself and Lawrence English as Holy Family.  Fairly punishing synth action recorded mostly when I was down in Australia in 2010/11 after our tour there with Tujiko Noriko. Part of one track also recorded at Noriko’s place in Paris in April 2010.

£5 + postage if you want one.  Also available at upcoming concerts whilst stocks last.

Holy Family - A Rising Tide of Halos (CS)

Holy Family – ‘Anoint’ C25 (Digitalis Ltd)



label description:

this one is for the gold, all the way and all the time. holy family is the modular synth duo of lawrence english and john chantler (room40 extraordinaires). and you know what’s coming. it opens onto a putrid, rotting corpse hanging from the bedchamber. chantler & english aren’t fuckign around. their synths sound like they’re dying, every note stretched to the point of breaking oscillating into the ground. this is not child’s play.

before you know it your blood stops flowing, turned into a molasses. faint echoes try to scratch their way to the surface, totally buried alive. every so often you think you hear a melody whirring from behind, but everything gets swallowed back down into this deep, dark pit. intense. incredible. edition of 125.