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Holy Family – ‘Anoint’ C25 (Digitalis Ltd)



label description:

this one is for the gold, all the way and all the time. holy family is the modular synth duo of lawrence english and john chantler (room40 extraordinaires). and you know what’s coming. it opens onto a putrid, rotting corpse hanging from the bedchamber. chantler & english aren’t fuckign around. their synths sound like they’re dying, every note stretched to the point of breaking oscillating into the ground. this is not child’s play.

before you know it your blood stops flowing, turned into a molasses. faint echoes try to scratch their way to the surface, totally buried alive. every so often you think you hear a melody whirring from behind, but everything gets swallowed back down into this deep, dark pit. intense. incredible. edition of 125.

ROOM40 LONDON OPENFRAME – 9 & 10 December 2009

Wednesday 9 December 2009

  • Steinbrüchel (Switzerland)
  • Mike Cooper (UK/Italy) and Pat Thomas (UK)
  • Organ Octet (UK)
  • Sébastien Roux

Thursday 10 December 2009 ***TIMEOUT CRITIC’S CHOICE***

  • Tujiko Noriko (Japan) / Lawrence English (Australia) / John Chantler (UK) – trio
  • Dolphins into the Future (Belgium)
  • Tomasz Bednarczyk (Poland)
  • Makino Takashi Film screenings w/ music by Jim O’Rourke & Lawrence English

Cafe Oto. 18-22 Ashwin Street. London. E8 3DL.
Tickets Wednesday £7 // Thursday £10 // both days £15



a big thanks to everyone who came out on wednesday night and made it such a sweet good time.  extra thanks to matt, pas, byron, noriko and lawrence for playing, will for being a totally great guy to work with, hamish and keiko for running the most comfortable venue to be and play in london, and last but not least, Carina for helping keep shit together, running the merch stall, filming, baking cake and being generally wonderful.

Such a privelege to play to a sold out cafe oto with a good bunch of friends.

I’m just listening back to recordings and will salvage what i can from the sets to share with folks.  if anyone has their own recordings/pictures etc then drop me an email: john@inventingzero.net  – Carina was filming on lawrence’s camera, so hopefully we can get some of that up on youtube in the new year when lawrence is back from the amazon!