Poland-ing 21/3 + 2x London 28/3

We’re off to Poland next week to master the film soundtrack we’ve been working on…  Whilst we are there we’re going to decamp to Warsaw for a one-off performance thing…  not really a concert as such, but maybe concert-looking things will be involved…

flyer for warsaw event...

We’re also playing two shows in London the following week.  The opening of Sound323‘s new concession at Cafe Oto in the afternoon on the 28th and then that evening we’ll travel back to south of the river for a short slot at the Battersea Arts Centre.

If you are nearby, drop by….

back in time

found this today whilst looking for something else, so thought i’d upload and share…  shot in bundaberg, matsuyama/ehime, tokyo and colorado for the most part…  fall/autumn 2004.  soundtrack is electric guitars overlapped in fwd and reverse recorded probably mid 2005 in london.  video was shot on my old digital camera (since stolen) and reshot whilst playing back on the laptop monitor…

the slow expansion

i’ve just order the above. a plan b model 13 dual timbral gate…  to fill the glaring VCA type gap in my modular with something interesting.  can’t wait!  also picking up an AS multiple to help with making the most of the small number of modulation sources…  should all be fun stuff.


a big thanks to everyone who came out on wednesday night and made it such a sweet good time.  extra thanks to matt, pas, byron, noriko and lawrence for playing, will for being a totally great guy to work with, hamish and keiko for running the most comfortable venue to be and play in london, and last but not least, Carina for helping keep shit together, running the merch stall, filming, baking cake and being generally wonderful.

Such a privelege to play to a sold out cafe oto with a good bunch of friends.

I’m just listening back to recordings and will salvage what i can from the sets to share with folks.  if anyone has their own recordings/pictures etc then drop me an email: john@inventingzero.net  – Carina was filming on lawrence’s camera, so hopefully we can get some of that up on youtube in the new year when lawrence is back from the amazon!



Tomorrow night

Hi folks!

Pre-sale tickets for the show at Cafe Oto are now SOLD OUT.  The will be approximately 60 tickets available on the night from 8pm when doors open.  PLEASE COME EARLY!

Lawrence will be starting things off at 8.30ish then FUNCTION then NORIKO, LAWRENCE and I to finish things off.


We’ll have most of the room40 catalogue available on the night for silly prices.  The two Noriko CDs for £8ea and everything else for £7 or 2 discs for a tenner.  stock up!


you might have seen Carina’s gorgeous lino-cut poster up at Cafe OTO.  She’s done an edition of 40 and there will be a few on sale on the night…