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Wednesday 9 May 2012 @ Cafe OTO

I’ll be playing this Wednesday – 9th May 2012 – at Cafe OTO in London ahead of sets from Petrels and Geoff Mullen who is over from the USA.

Geoff Mullen + Petrels + John Chantler
WED 9 MAY ’12 • 8PM • £7 advance / £8 on the door
Advance tickets/more information

I’ll be playing modular synth and amplified reed organ in a much less subtle revision of my set in Cambridge last weekend.  The recording of that will be available soon.

Photo by Norman Ipsmael

Charlemagne Palestine | St Giles in the Field 06.10.08

I arrived at St Giles shortly after Charlemagne Palestine had begun his 6-hour version of Schlingen Blangen and walked into the near empty church.  I’d expected to be locked into a hard on the arse pew and had been kicking myself on the way for having forgotten to bring a cushion.  Instead it felt like I had the place to myself and found a nice spot about 2/3 of the way down from the organ where I could lie on the floor Shavasana, stretched out and ready for some serious listening.

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The Organ Weekender

Carina & I are doing some music for a film that our good friend Lucy Pawlak is directing alongside our new friend Joaquin Del Paso. We went out to the local church in the village of Barkway, Herts and recorded their recently (2002) renovated pipe organ. The film is about 17 mins long and shot on 35mm in various (stunning) locations in Poland. Its a super inspiring thing to be working on.  Below are some of Lucy’s photos from the weekend…