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Concert in Milano, Italy – 22 June 2011

Looking forward to my first ever concert in Milan on 22nd June 2011. It will be #18 in The Lift series. Seats are very limited, so if you want to come you need to confirm by writing to liftthe@yahoo.it – The Lift is close to Piazzale Loreto-Viale Monza in Milano (MM1 stop Rovereto), the exact address is contained in the booking confirmation.

“The Lift ha luogo all’interno di un piccolissimo studio di registrazione.
Musicisti, sound artists, ricercatori sonori e liutai sono invitati a
presentare il proprio lavoro in un ambiente acusticamente accurato.”

“Sound is spherical, round. There’s a risk of listening to it only as height and duration. But it is not as we believe it is. Sound is round and spherical. All spherical things have a center, you must reach the heart of sound. Sound has a heart, as spherical it has a center, the center of its heart. You have to arrive at that center, only in this way we become musicians, otherwise we are craftsmen. A craftsman of music is a very respectable figure, but you are not a real musician nor a true artist, but a craftsmen of art or music. You have to go to the heart’s sound” Giacinto Scelsi http://soundcloud.com/liftthe/giacinto-scelsi