Automatic Music Volume II – now available from Aquarius Records

“Automatic Music Volume II, as the title suggests, is the second in a series of recordings from Australian organist / soundscaper John Chantler, who has played with loads of folks, from Lawrence English to Maher Shalal Hash Baz, and who here presents two extended pieces of electronic music, obviously indebted to early electronic pioneers, but equally obviously quite modern, mixing glitchy fields of bleeping and blooping, with wildly chaotic bursts of noise, all laid atop a bed of super serene wheezing organs, it’s almost like listening to the past and future collide, a man with a primitive pump organ, jamming with some twisted floorcore weirdo, or some brainy scientific soundmaker, surrounded by a mad scientist concoction of synths and electronics, blasting this sci-fi din, while right outside, a huddled figure hunches over a sruti box, the two inadvertently creating some sort of alien sonic ritual, heady and hypnotic, haunting and seriously out there, imagine Zomes remixed by the Radiophonic Workshop! Awesome.”