a big thanks to everyone who came out on wednesday night and made it such a sweet good time.  extra thanks to matt, pas, byron, noriko and lawrence for playing, will for being a totally great guy to work with, hamish and keiko for running the most comfortable venue to be and play in london, and last but not least, Carina for helping keep shit together, running the merch stall, filming, baking cake and being generally wonderful.

Such a privelege to play to a sold out cafe oto with a good bunch of friends.

I’m just listening back to recordings and will salvage what i can from the sets to share with folks.  if anyone has their own recordings/pictures etc then drop me an email:  – Carina was filming on lawrence’s camera, so hopefully we can get some of that up on youtube in the new year when lawrence is back from the amazon!



Tomorrow night

Hi folks!

Pre-sale tickets for the show at Cafe Oto are now SOLD OUT.  The will be approximately 60 tickets available on the night from 8pm when doors open.  PLEASE COME EARLY!

Lawrence will be starting things off at 8.30ish then FUNCTION then NORIKO, LAWRENCE and I to finish things off.


We’ll have most of the room40 catalogue available on the night for silly prices.  The two Noriko CDs for £8ea and everything else for £7 or 2 discs for a tenner.  stock up!


you might have seen Carina’s gorgeous lino-cut poster up at Cafe OTO.  She’s done an edition of 40 and there will be a few on sale on the night…

New Music for One CD – ‘The Red Thumb’

Last year, I plugged some mics into my tape deck (an old Akai GX4000D 1/4″ reel-to-reel) and recorded Sherry aka Music for One playing some lovely stripped down Resonator Guitar.  She’s got it all edited up and pulled together for release as ‘The Red Thumb’.  Go to the Music For One website for info on how to get your copy.

She’s also playing tomorrow night at the Windmill in Brixton with Tara O’Neill…

Charlemagne Palestine | St Giles in the Field 06.10.08

I arrived at St Giles shortly after Charlemagne Palestine had begun his 6-hour version of Schlingen Blangen and walked into the near empty church.  I’d expected to be locked into a hard on the arse pew and had been kicking myself on the way for having forgotten to bring a cushion.  Instead it felt like I had the place to myself and found a nice spot about 2/3 of the way down from the organ where I could lie on the floor Shavasana, stretched out and ready for some serious listening.

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modular synth wishlist

Following joyous jams at Lawrence’s using his Doepfer System100 suitcase, I’ve now dived into the (eurorack) modular wormhole. Rather than start with a complete unit, I’m doing it module at a time, hopefully it’ll lead to a more interesting system… but will probably take ages! Currently rocking one of the analogue systems synthi filters and a simple doepfer adsr – patching them in & out of my moogerfooger pedals…

If any wishes to help me on my way here is my current wishlist of modules. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner!

+ a bunch of other bits i’m sure i’ll work out I want need…


  • Analogue Systems RS95E Voltage Controlled Oscillator (w/ fine-tuning) – i reckon two of these would be the go!!!)
  • Harvestman Tyme Sefari