Vinyl, CDs and Cassettes

John Chantler – Even Clean Hands Damage The Work (ROOM40 LP)
John Chantler – Automatic Music Volume II (Tapeworm CS)
John Chantler – Automatic Music (Self-released LP – ltd edition 110)
John Chantler – The Luminous Ground (ROOM40 LP)
John Chantler / Spartak - Split EP (Hellosquare 3″CDr, 2008)
John Chantler/Function - For Marcus Cope/Loving You (Maelstrom) (ROOM40 7″ lathe, 2007)
John Chantler - Locked in Hands (Piehead CDr, 2004)
John Chantler - Monoke (ROOM40 CD, 2003) 

Holy Family - 
Rising Tide of Halos 
(Sanity Muffin CS)
Holy Family Anoint (Digitalis C25, 2010)
Tujiko Noriko / Lawrence English / John ChantlerU (ROOM40 CD)
For Barry Ray - New Days (ROOM40 CD/LP, 2007)
For Barry Ray - Vågspel (ROOM40 3″CDr, 2006)
Swedish Folk Song Project - 060205/Improvisation 1 (no label 3″CDr/lathe-cut 7″)
Tenniscoats – Totemo Aimasho (ROOM40 CD, 2007) // production
Maher Shalal Hash Baz – Aoiheya (Chapter Music CD)


“the songs are to the point dream pop like songs. The boys strum their instruments, and Noriko’s vocals are child like, sweet, complaining, angry or whatever the lyrics (mostly in Japanese) require. The production is great, imaginative, evocative and to the point. Not a single instrument seems out of place in this wonderful nice combination of pop, folk and electronics. Its hard to believe that this is the result of playing and collaborating through (e-)mail, as the coherency between the pieces, instruments and vocals, is great… Excellent work, the best I ever heard from this lady and these boys.” Vital Weekly